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Everything You Need To Know About Diaper Rash

Updated: May 30, 2022

What Is Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash or Diaper Dermatitis is irritation or inflammation on your baby’s skin in the diaper area that can be mild or severe.

Newborns, infants, and toddlers under the age of 3 years can develop a diaper rash, and it is particularly most common in babies between 9-12 months old.

Irritation can be found on the buttocks, genitals, and thighs. Diaper rash can hurt, be painful and burn your baby’s skin especially if it turns into a severe rash.

Unfortunately, diaper rash can happen despite how careful you are about changing your baby’s diaper, and can turn severe very quickly.


What Does Severe Diaper Rash Look Like?

Here are signs that your baby is experiencing a severe diaper rash:

  • Your baby’s diaper rash is raw, red, has open sores, raised red or white bumps, fluid-filled blisters, or swollen spots in the diaper area.

  • Burning sensation or pain from the diaper rash when your baby urinates or has a bowel movement.

  • Bleeding and/or broken skin.

  • Oozing diaper rash with pustules or pus.

  • Your baby is in pain or screaming from the severe diaper rash

To treat your baby’s severe diaper rash, you must be prepared and keep a homemade natural cure on hand that treats your baby’s severe diaper rash effectively and quickly such as Skin Healing Organics Severe Diaper Rash Baby Powder. Unfortunately, severe diaper rashes can occur at anytime and at any day so its crucial that you be prepared with the right product.


What Are The Types of Diaper Rash on Babies and Toddlers?

It can be difficult for parents to distinguish the type of rash their baby is experiencing. There are two different types of rashes that babies and toddlers can experience:

  1. Diaper Rash caused by wearing a diaper can include irritation, yeast infections, allergic reactions

  2. Rash NOT caused by wearing a diaper can include scabies, Psoriasis, Bacterial Infection, Atopic dermatitis, Seborrheic dermatitis.

The good news is that most mild and severe diaper rashes can be treated at home with homemade remedies, namely Skin Healing Organics Baby Severe Diaper Rash Powder.


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