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How to Treat Severe Diaper Rash?

Updated: May 31, 2022

No matter how careful you are, your baby can still suddenly get a diaper rash. Most babies do. Despite how cautious I was, my little one still developed a severe diaper rash from diarrhea that happened very quickly, and unfortunately, I was not prepared with the right product.

You can read more about our story here and how I treated my daughters diaper rash 100% naturally with a homemade herbal remedy that healed her severe rash overnight.

What Helps Severe Diaper Rash?

Some cases of diaper rash that start out mildly can persist and become severe, and that’s where Skin Healing Organics comes in.

Our product is a treatment for severe diaper rash that has escalated to peeling, bleeding, broken or cracked skin. Made from powerful natural healing herbs that contain medicinal properties that aid in the healing of severe diaper rash.

It’s talc and cornstarch free, 100% natural, and will help heal your baby’s rash overnight. Its safe simple and effective and does not contain any chemicals such as parabens and fragrances.

Additionally, our powder is easy to apply and easy to clean. There is no sticky mess or stains to worry about. No rubbing involved with your fingers like when you apply pastes or ointments that can further irritate and hurt your baby’s diaper rash. Just gently apply the powder by sprinkling it onto the diaper rash area(s).

This plant-based formula contains anti-bacterial properties which can help in treating severe diaper rash fast.

  • Skin Healing Organics Severe Diaper Rash Powder No-rub and touch-free application is 100% Natural and organic.

  • Its contains natural healing prescription strength properties that are antibacterial and antifungal.

  • Best part, its not only talc-free and cornstarch-free its also chemical-free. Created with mom and baby in mind its simple, safe and effective.

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