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Clean, Non-toxic, paraben-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic baby skin and diaper care.
Women of Color small Business and Entreupenurs. Women owned small business. Minority owned small business.

Welcome! We the founders of Skin Healing Organics are a nature-loving mother and daughter team. We are proud women of color who have taken the leap to help other mothers out there. I am a mother of three precious children, a wife, and a passionate educator. My eldest is my beautiful and only daughter; without her, this brand would have never come into existence. 


Our journey first began when we traveled overseas to visit family while my daughter was one year of age. Of course, as a mother, I was well prepared for all the needs of my baby daughter, especially the things I knew would be difficult to access in a different country.


Unfortunately, one day she suffered from an awful diaper rash that only became worse day after day. I tried using the extra-strength diaper rash cream that I brought with me on the trip during every diaper change, but there was no improvement. The diaper rash merely became severe with severely inflamed and broken skin. I went through many steps to help heal and prevent her severe diaper rash but to no avail. 


It was heartbreaking to see my baby suffer from pain and discomfort. Seeing me helpless, my mother-in-law suggested we try a home herbal remedy that has been used for generations to naturally heal wounds. I was very skeptical that herbs would actually be strong enough to heal the rash, but I decided to give it a try. Hoping that this herbal remedy would work, I gave her a wash, applied the remedy, put her diaper on, and took her to sleep.


The next morning, I was eager to see if the dirash had begun to heal. I opened her diaper and I couldn't believe what I saw. Miraculously, all the irritated and broken skin on her bum quickly healed overnight. I truly could not believe it. My baby was relieved from her pain, and I was relieved from seeing her suffer. I instantly thought “wow this is a miracle!” and this needs to be in the hands of all new mothers.


I hope you and your precious baby never go through a severe diaper rash. However, if it does happen, our truly revolutionary product will save the day. Not only is it 100% natural and chemical-free, but its natural healing capabilities are strong enough to help treat and heal your baby's severe diaper rash quickly.

Be prepared today with the right product to put an end to painful irritation and sleepless nights.



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