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What Are The Common Causes of Diaper Rash And Severe Diaper Rash?

Updated: May 31, 2022

There are many reasons than can cause a diaper rash. Some can be mild and some can quickly turn severe . Read below to find out the common causes of diaper rash.

Diaper Irritation

The most common cause of diaper rash is irritation from keeping a wet or poopy diaper on too long which causes urine and stool to come in contact with your baby’s sensitive skin.

Your baby's sensitive skin can get irritated (red or inflamed) when a wet or poopy/dirty diaper is left on too long.

New Diapers

New brands of disposable diapers can cause diaper dermatitis.

Chafing or Rubbing

Diapers that are tight can repeatedly rub against your baby’s skin and cause a diaper rash.


Urine (pee) can affect the skin's pH levels, which allows bacteria and fungi to grow more easily causing an infection. The warm and moist diaper area can cause bacteria, fungi, and yeast to grow and thrive, leading to severe diaper rash.


Diarrhea can happen for many reasons and can cause mild to severe diaper rash. If you do not treat your baby’s severe diaper rash caused by diarrhea quickly, it can turn into a really bad rash and cause open sores, blisters, bleeding, and even broken or cracked skin.

To treat your baby’s severe diaper rash from diarrhea as quickly as possible, use Skin Healing Organics' All-Natural Homemade Severe Diaper Rash Powder which is composed of herbal healing properties to help soothe and heal your baby’s severe rash rapidly overnight.


Babies with sensitive skin also can develop diaper rash. Certain types of detergent, soaps, diapers (or dyes from diapers), or baby wipes can affect sensitive skin, causing a diaper rash.

Inadequate drying of diaper area

When changing your baby's diaper make sure with every diaper change, to pat dry your baby’s bottom gently and thoroughly including all the skin folds and creases or let it air dry completely before putting on a new diaper to prevent diaper rash.

Putting on a diaper without thoroughly drying all areas of the diaper area can lead to a diaper rash.


When taken by a breastfeeding mother or baby, antibiotics can kill off the “good and bad bacteria.” Antibiotics can cause diarrhea which can increase the risk of a diaper rash.

Yeast / Fungal Infection

A baby’s diaper rash will look bright red with or without raised fluid-filled lesions often found in skin folds around the genitals and skin folds between the skin and body. A fungal or yeast diaper rash can be painful.

If your baby is screaming and in pain from a severe diaper rash then you need our anti-bacterial & anti-fungal handmade powder as soon as possible for severe diaper rash treatment. It works overnight and helps provide quick healing to a severe diaper rash.

Sensitive Skin

If your baby’s skin is sensitive or suffers from eczema it may be prone to developing a diaper rash.


Your baby’s skin can also get irritated from chemicals in baby wipes and new brands of disposable diapers.

Chemicals found in detergents, bleach, and fabric softeners when used to clean cloth diapers can also cause irritation or diaper dermatitis.

New Foods

Sometimes when babies start new solid foods their stool can change. For example, certain foods cause babies to develop diarrhea which can lead to a diaper rash.


Teething can cause diarrhea which can lead to a mild or even severe diaper rash from diarrhea. If the diarrhea is constant and the diaper rash is not treated quickly it can worsen, hurt your baby and cause pain.

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