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Finally, a revolutionary baby product that is all a mother can wish for. A 100% natural and organic, safe, effective, and fast-healing severe diaper rash powder. 


  • Made from natural healing herbs.

  • NO cornstarch, talc, parabens, or artificial fragrance.

  • Helps treat severe diaper rash overnight for quick relief.

  • Cloth diapering? Our powder is cloth diaper safe.

  • Wondering what causes a diaper rash? Find out in our blog to help you learn how to prevent it.


Read the product info to learn more about this extraordinary product!

  • Works overnight to help heal and soothe severe diaper rash discomfort quickly. 

  • Our unique formula is simple, safe, and effective. 


  • Made from High-quality, herbal ingredients based on their known healing capabilities to treat the skin.

  • Unlike most baby powders, which have been bleached to look white or contain talc, GMO cornstarch, or clays, Skin Healing Organics Diaper Rash Powder is as natural as nature intended it to be.


  • Naturally safe and strong treatment without a need for a prescription.




  • Clean inflamed area with mild soap and water. Gently pat dry. Apply liberally on areas of severe rash at every diaper change and before bedtime.
  • May be used on other parts of the skin where rash develops. 
  • Caution: Keep out of eyes


Baby Severe Diaper Rash Powder Treatment

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  • Benefits:

    • Intentionally Clean-Crafted Remedy: At Skin Healing Organics we believe in the power of mother nature. We intentionally craft our products with only high-quality clean and natural ingredients that are safe to put on your baby’s skin yet effective with natural healing capabilities.


    • Our revolutionary 100% natural and organic, food-grade, and chemical-free diaper rash powder is clean, safe, and gentle, yet provides maximum strength treatment for severe diaper rash without a need for a prescription.


    • Skin Healing Organics Severe Diaper Rash Powder is an All Natural, Non-toxic, Talc-free, Cornstarch-free, and Fragrance-free product you can trust to put on your baby’s sensitive skin. 


    • Skin Healing Organics Severe Diaper Rash Treatment helps treat, heal, and soothe the most severe diaper rash with broken or damaged skin quickly.


    • Rapidly works overnight to help heal and calm severe diaper rash with cracked, bleeding, or peeling skin to provide your baby’s bottom with quick relief within 24 hours. 


    • Skin Healing Organics Baby Severe Diaper Rash Powder is a natural and herbal-based powder that is easy to apply and easy to clean, unlike sticky toxic creams and pastes. It is cloth diaper safe and won't stain clothing. 


    • Made from simple and pure plant-derived ingredients that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties effective in treating severe fungal and bacterial diaper rash.   


    • Skin Healing Organics Severe Baby Diaper Rash Powder is a product free from preservatives, fragrances, parabens, and phthalates.


    • Our product helps treat and heal your baby’s bum severe diaper rash from prolonged wet or soiled diapers, diarrhea, the introduction of new baby foods, antibiotics, and other causes. 


    • Can be used by anyone with a severe diaper rash from babies and toddlers to adults. 


    • Bonus: our product is also hypoallergenic, clay, cruelty-free & vegan.


    • At Skin Healing Organics, our mission is not only to support you on your journey of becoming a prepared mama, but to also give back to babies around the world. And the good news is you'll be part of it too! A portion of your purchase will provide nutritional assistance to babies around the world battling hunger.


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